The bridge between crypto and traditional finance

Penning is the one-stop-shop, for connecting the financial world, with the innovative technologies and opportunities from the crypto markets. From investing into Penning's high-performing fund, to offering bank-like solutions through Penning Financial Services, look no further.

Why Penning?


Penning Group operates on trust, where all investors, partners and clients can rely on full transparency. This reflects on our open insight platform for the fund, and 1:1 client engagement.


Penning is incorporated in Copenhagen, Denmark working with Tier-1 Danish bank, and registered with the Danish FSA, ensuring all our customers a safe, and compliant engangement.


Penning offers a full service, single point platform for all your financial needs for the digital assets world. Whether you’re looking for banking-like services or investment opportunities, Penning has you covered.


At Penning we believe nothing is impossible. By engaging with our clients on a 1:1 basis, we build a full case for your crypto related financial and investment goals and needs ensuring a near tailor-made solution.


The future of finance is rapidly changing, and Penning being the bridge between traditional finance and Crypto, the historical value and liquidity will seamlessly meet the innovative financial world.

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We are professionals in crypto, tech, and finance using every bit of knowledge at our disposal to build the new infrastructure for financial services.
Portrait of Jimmie Steinbeck

Jimmie Steinbeck


Portrait of Hasan Surtiwala

Hasan Surtiwala


Portrait of Martin Hebsgaard Crillesen

Martin Hebsgaard Crillesen


Portrait of Timothy Hellberg

Timothy Hellberg

CIO & Head of Fund Management

Portrait of Alexander Nielsen

Alexander Nielsen

Full-stack Engineer

Portrait of Thomas Holstein Qvortrup

Thomas Holstein Qvortrup


Portrait of Rumle Sakarias

Rumle Sakarias

Full-stack engineer

Portrait of Magnus Winding

Magnus Winding

Data Scientist

Portrait of Christain Skov

Christain Skov

Junior Quant Analyst

Advisory Board
Portrait of Claus Skaaning

Claus Skaaning

Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder @ Digishares

Portrait of Nikolaj Juhl Hansen

Nikolaj Juhl Hansen

Attorney at Law & Partner at DreistStorgaard

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Wemuda is a venture studio which is our primary provider for all of our tech solutions.

We use ShuftiPros award-winning IDV solutions to handle our KYC, KYB and AML-screening.

Aryze is our Digital Cash partner, offering a state-of-the-art stabelcoin solution.

Kraken is one of our primary institutional partners, for liquidity access, and unique products.

Penning has partnered with PwC for our bookkeeping and financial controlling needs.