Penning Down The Thoughts: Blockchain is the next big everything

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Penning down the thoughts is a series compiled by the CEO and Co-Founder of Penning, Jimmie Hansen Steinbeck. Penning is the first self-managing digital asset open-trust fund, working with blockchain infrastructure and codified protocols to make the investment in DeFi and digital assets transparent, easy, and safe. Working in a fully compliant and regulated framework to secure the safe and easy investment we provide the knowledge, tools, and platform to step into the next big thing in the financial industry.  Jimmie has spent the last decade (almost since the birth of bitcoin), working in the crypto, blockchain (now known as Web3) space, as an investor, entrepreneur, and expert advisor to numerous crypto companies. This series is a compilation of Jimmie’s vast experience, knowledge, failures, successes, know-how, and ideas. The Pen team sat down with Jimmie to bring you the first piece of the series puzzle, talking about the birth of blockchain and what it means for business and society. Enjoy your read.


Blockchain is bigger than the Iron Age, the Renaissance, and the Industrial Revolution. Affecting the entire world, and we’re only in the early stages of what’s coming. I believe that we are still playing around in the sandbox, trying to figure out what this new technology can bring to the table in our already digital and “small” world.

In the modern world, how is it possible to live in a society where technology and science enable people to own autonomous cars, while in other parts of the world societies don’t even have access to clean water? And can blockchain narrow the gap and give more people in the world a better life and equal living standards?

Since 2010, I've been researching blockchain technology, digital assets, and the market and co-founded several blockchains and crypto services-based companies. I have spoken to the brightest minds in the industry. I’ve Seen ideas evolve into groundbreaking solutions that will change the world in the future, but I have also witnessed laws being made because of a lack of knowledge or simply because a rule can´t be made before there is something to make a rule about, thus serving no purpose.

Throughout the years, I’ve been involved in this space, many have asked me to explain Bitcoin and what it is. Still, today there are many misunderstandings and confusion about whether “bitcoin is blockchain” or “all blockchains bitcoins”. What is the difference and how does it work? 


Cryptocurrencies, or digital assets and blockchains, are everything you don't understand about money combined with everything you don't understand about computers and technology. I´m not the most technical guy and that sometimes makes it easier to educate and convey in a simple way, but it also makes it a lot harder when you don’t understand the basics of money and computer science. My knowledge over the past +12 years has gathered into a massive database of deep technical words, slang, and information. But still, I feel that it’s getting harder and harder to make all that’s going on in the space easily explained. To understand digital assets and blockchain and its first use case “digital cash” or “payment system”, you must understand the basics of money. But it’s a lot deeper and more complicated. If you are ready I will take you down the rabbit hole. There will be things you don’t get and think are just silly and weird, but everything has its place in the evolution of the blockchain and Web3. We are moving fast, and everything is changing all the time. Whatever we were working on last year, might already be outdated and redundant today. This makes this industry a living digital organism feeding on the willingness and courage of thousands of founders and developers working in the industry to solve the next big thing.


Together with The Pen team, I have made a new blog post series “Penning down the thoughts”. I will go true to the last decade I have spent in the blockchain and crypto assets space and go deeper into all the different areas. I will discuss and inform you about what’s going on, and what will be the next big thing and I generally try to educate and share my knowledge in this space. We will post a “weekly” part of the series with topics like:

  • Basic about money and fiat currencies
  • How does money work?
  • The rise of Bitcoin
  • The first bitcoin community in Copenhagen, The Blockchain
  • My first “miner”
  • MTGox - The world’s biggest exchange
  • Credit cards apple pay etc.
  • Stakem and master nodes
  • Not just payment and moving assets
  • Financial freedom for everyone
  • Bitcoins - Why do they have value at all?
  • Can Governments or banks ban Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin - BTC VS Bitcoin Cash - BCH
  • Charlie Lee and LiteCoin
  • Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum (ETH)
  • Smart Contracts or digital agreements
  • The financial market
  • ICO VS IPO, a mad gold rush.
  • What is a s***coin?. And then there’s Ripple
  • The combustion engine
  • The World Wide Web
  • Global free speech
  • What is Web3?
  • THE DAO HACK -  (Ethereum) - ETH and (Ethereum classic) - ETC
  • Dr. Craig Wright
  • Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin VS ABC etc.
  • Going Good, then doing well, or is it the other way around?
  • The Tera LUNA crash
  • and much, much more.

Hang tight, stay tuned and sign up. The next topic will revolve around the basics of money and fiat currencies.