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A Unique Global Platform

Apart from servicing hundreds of clients across the globe, Penning offers unique bank-like solutions for private individuals and businesses alike. From a range of crypto related services, similar to traditional banking, Penning makes it possible to connect the novelty and historic value of traditional finance together with the financial innovation and technology of digital assets and blockchain.

Regulated by Danish FSA

Penning Gorup and it’s subsidiaries are registered, and regulated by Danish FSA, and is your gateway to the global crypto market.

Tier-1 Danish Bank

We offer safe, compliant and secure financial services together with our banking partner, so you don’t have to worry about your bank approving transactions.


The team behind Penning comes from decades in the space, with hands-on experience from the crypto space since the birth of Bitcoin.


With the combination of Penning’s unique feats, we are the preffered one-stop-shop platform servicing all your bank-like needs in digital assets.

Clients serviced all across the world

Penning Financial Services offers unique digital asset on/off-ramp from all over the world, wanting a trusted and regulated partner with one-stop-shop solutions. Penning Financial Services is the Nordic one-stop-shop for the world, offering safe, efficient, and secure digital assets solutions.

Servicing all


Penning Financial Services is one of the preferred platforms for individuals, looking for a single platform for safe trades and greater access, without the hassle of the traditional financial world.


Penning’s financial infrastructure, and Danish banking partner, incorporated in Denmark, and registered with the Danish FSA, makes Penning Financial Services the leading provider to offer digital asset related solutions.

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